Thursday, June 11, 2009

10 Worlds of Tux (aka TuxWorld) Alpha Launch!

Well, the time has finally come to reveal a project I've secretly been beavering away on for a while now....

10 Worlds of Tux!

Erm... what exactly is "10 Worlds of Tux"? It's a new 3D side-scrolling platform game inspired by the easy to learn, fun to play game mechanics of the 90's, with a 2000's shot in the arm for graphics (or at least that's what the press release will say! ;-)

From a gamers perspective 10W.o.T will feature 10 worlds (surprise, surprise!), fluid controls, a freedom inspired plot that doesn't take itself seriously at all and stays out of the way of the gameplay :), homages to many icons of the FOSS world, hidden secrets and bonus galore and... an easy level designer to let you customise the game further.

From a development point of view, everything is being designed from the ground up to make it as easy as possible for beginners to contribute and add to the game. It's developed on the rapidly advancing Blender Game Engine, using resolution independent vector image based textures, and will be available on at least Linux and Windows. Mac versions will follow, too if Blender can get it's mac sound issues sorted out... hopefully for v2.5 late this year!

Anyway, enough talk! The pre-pre-pre-pre-alpha (featureing bugs akimbo!) can be downloaded here:

The .blend file needs Blender installed on your system to play currently (sudo apt-get install blender). Just open the file with Blender and hit P to play (and Esc to quit). Binaries will be made available soonish, hopefully with debs following if I can wrap my head arround the horrors of packaging.

Viva Freedom Gaming!